Arak, Iran, Islamic Republic of

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    USD$ 5,443
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Empowering and educating citizens to face future challenges

A major industrial city, Arak is home to a number of factories both in and within a few kilometres of the city, including the Sazi Arak machine works and the Iranian Aluminium Company. These factories meet almost half of the country’s needs with regard to the steel, petrochemical and locomotive industries.

Vision and Motivation

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is of the utmost importance in today’s world. In Arak, these goals will be met by creating educational opportunities for local citizens.

Challenges and Goals

Arak’s numerous industries have helped it to develop into the country’s industrial heartland, at a time when Iran’s main economic, environmental and cultural challenge has been to respond adequately to unexpected changes.
Citizens can help face these challenges more effectively by upgrading their skills, values, knowledge and behaviours throughout their lives.

Plan and Implementation

Arak is empowering its citizens through education in order to achieve sustainable social, economic and environmental development. It has implemented:

  1. an opinion poll targeting specific population groups, designed to help determine Arak’s educational priorities;
  2. training opportunities centring on citizenship rights and life skills;
  3. measures to define different target groups;
  4. specific educational indicators;
  5. measures to mobilize Arak’s resources and facilities based on discussions to determine what is needed in order to realize the city’s goals;
  6. campaigns to inform potential beneficiaries of the educational programmes available to then, ensuring that they participate in realizing the city’s goals; and
  7. a citywide learning network to provide target groups with educational opportunities and public education.


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Iran, Islamic Republic of


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