Serres, Greece

  • City population: 
  • City/Urban area: 
  • Population Density: 
    Less than 300 inhabitants per km²
  • GDP - country: 
    USD 18,035
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

Towards an egalitarian city

Since financial crisis struck Greece and the Serres region, agricultural production, upon which the region’s development is largely based, has been strained. There is also a high rate of unemployment in the area.

Vision and motivation

Serres is committed to adopting the learning city concept with the vision that it will offer opportunities to all its citizens. The learning opportunities will equip everyone with the skills necessary to adapt to the changing environment, and will provide access to modern technologies.

Challenges and goals

One crucial challenge for Serres is that young professionals in the crisis-struck tertiary business sector have found themselves lacking in the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue alternative career paths. They are therefore unable to adjust to the new socioeconomic reality. Serres aims to provide lifelong learning activities to this target group, facilitating access to new and innovative sectors.

Plan and implementation

The municipality of Serres will act as a coordinator, developing and maintaining partnerships to promote lifelong learning and sustainable socio-economic development in the city. Serres is now collaborating with several local educational institutions to provide and promote learning in various sectors using modern learning technologies.

Furthermore, by joining the GNLC, Serres plans to form closer links with other member cities in the network, exchanging and sharing good practices and expertise in different areas.

Serres will focus on including vulnerable and marginalized groups, so that every individual citizen will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The city will support and mobilize relevant local resources as part of the initiative.

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Mr Petros Angelidis

Contact Person

Mr Konstantinos Karpouchtsis

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