Launching the Global Inventory of Regional and National Qualifications Frameworks at the 5th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting in Riga, Latvia

27 Apr, 2015

UNESCO, CEDEFOP, ETF and UIL will be presenting the second edition of the Global Inventory of qualifications frameworks at the 5th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting (ASEMME5) being held in Riga, Latvia from 27 to 28 April, 2015. Lire la suite

New lifelong learning terminology in Spanish and Portuguese

22 Apr, 2015

A pioneer project has developed a Spanish and Portuguese glossary with new terms and concepts in lifelong learning. The glossary is intended to be used in youth and adult education in Latin America.Lire la suite

Créer une société apprenante au Japon, en République de Corée et à Singapour

02 Apr, 2015

“New research adds considerably to UNESCO’s knowledge base on building a learning society” says Arne Carlsen, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.Lire la suite

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Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning in UNESCO Member States

16 Apr, 2015

‘The recent development of lifelong learning policies in many UNESCO Member States has shown that there is a growing demand for the knowledge, skills and competences acquired by adults and young people over the course of their lives to be evaluated and accredited within different contexts: work,...Lire la suite

01 Apr, 2015

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning has produced a study on key issues and policy considerations in promoting lifelong learning in five African countries. This study draws lessons from desk research and fieldwork that are summarized in ten recommendations for further action and reform.Lire la suite

Accreditation of prior learning as a lever for lifelong learning: lessons learnt from the New Opportunities Initiative, Portugal

Cet ouvrage présente l’étude menée lors de l’évaluation indépendante de l’Initiative Nouvelles Opportunités (New Opportunities Initiative, NOI), qui est l’un des plus ambitieux programmes du gouvernement portugais des dernières décennies destinés à améliorer les qualifications. L’Initiative...Lire la suite

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