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18 February 2019

The International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning (IRE) and Springer are offering subscription-free access to two recently published IRE articles each month. The purpose of this promotion is to make articles that exemplify the best qualities of the journal –international scholarship on the theory and practice of lifelong learning, supporting and promoting the development of sustainable learning societies – available to the broadest possible readership. These articles may be downloaded and shared free of charge during the month of their promotion.

To access this Editor’s Choice promotion, please visit http://www.springer.com/education+%26+language/journal/11159

The following articles, both from the IRE Special Issue (65:1) on “Indigenous knowledges as vital contributions to sustainability” are featured in this promotion in February 2019:

“Cangleska Wakan: The ecology of the sacred circle and the role of tribal colleges and universities”

Cheryl Crazy Bull and Emily R. White Hat

“Raising the standard for testing research-based interventions in Indigenous learning communities”

Sharon Nelson-Barber and Zanette Johnson

Download link: ttp://www.springer.com/education+%26+language/journal/11159

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