Adult learning for sustainable development: taking stock of achievements since 2009

Jul 28, 2015

‘Living and learning for a viable future – the power of adult learning’ was the motto of UNESCO’s Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI, 2009). Is itmore

The Role of Higher Education in Promoting Lifelong Learning

Jul 15, 2015

This new UIL publication reports on how higher education institutes (HEIs) face a strategic imperative to broaden access to lifelong learning opportunities and ensure that education and learning are available to a diverse student population.more

Evaluation of the Adult Literacy and Education Strategy 2010–2015 in Mozambique

Jul 08, 2015

Eighty participants from national and provincial levels of Mozambique’s National Adult Literacy and Education Department (DINAEA) as well as other stakeholders recently met to take stock of the findings of an external evaluation of the Adult Literacy and Education Strategy 2010–2015.more

Examining the adult and non-formal education sub-sector in Tanzania

Jul 07, 2015

In order to identify key issues and challenges in Tanzania’s adult and non-formal education sub-sector which need to be addressed in the new Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP 2016–2025), the Tanzanian Department of Adult and Non-Formal Education (ANFE) convened a meeting in Dar-es-Salaam on...more

Provision of basic skills for adults – Strategies that work

Jul 06, 2015

Policy coherence in adult basic skills can only be achieved if policy makers look beyond their own policy sphere to seek cross-organisational coordination at the different levels of government while favouring integrated approaches.more

UIL announces the recipients of its 2015 CONFINTEA Scholarships

Jul 03, 2015

UIL is pleased to announce the recipients of the CONFINTEA Scholarships for 2015. The scholarships are mainly funded by the private donations of the Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education in Japan, the British educationist Peter Jarvis and the publisher Taylor & Francis.more

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