Adult Education as a Profession

© John Aitchison

The Fifteenth DIE Forum on Adult Education as a Profession was held from 3–4 December 2012 in Bonn, Germany, organised by the German Institute for Adult Education, Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE, after the German title). Over 150 participants, including international experts from South Africa, India, Serbia, Ecuador, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, and Belarus who work in adult education, attended the two-day conference.

The main focus of the forum was a series of seven workshops dealing with issues relating to adult educators in Germany and Austria:

  1. Working conditions
  2. Continuing professional training
  3. Qualification requirements
  4. Core competence frameworks
  5. Quality management
  6. Challenges facing the new generation of adult educators, and
  7. Formal and informal learning

In addition to the workshop series, a special workshop entitled “Curriculum GlobALE” (ALE referring to Adult Learning and Education) was organised jointly by DIE, the German Adult Education Association (dvv international) and UIL. This workshop focused on introducing the Curriculum GlobALE to international experts from developing and emerging economies and eliciting feedback from them.

The aim of the common reference framework is to support adult education providers as well as adult educators worldwide in the design and implementation of their training programmes. The framework also aims to foster knowledge exchange and shared understanding between adult educators internationally.

The framework contains an introduction, a curriculum structured in five modules, elements of a course design, a training concept, and an overview of best practices from Austria and Switzerland.

A second draft of the GlobALE curriculum is planned for 2013, incorporating feedback from participants. The Curriculum GlobALE will be piloted in 2013, and an editorial team has already been formed. A follow-up conference on lessons learned is planned for 2014.

More information on the forum (in German)

The GlobALE Curriculum draft (pdf)