CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme Continues to Strengthen Capacities in Member States

From left: Mr. Haider, Mr. Bol, and Mr. Gebreselassie. © UIL, 2013

Three education  policymakers were recently awarded a CONFINTEA fellowships at UIL, and were invited from 7 to 31 October to work on education projects at the Institute’s offices in Hamburg.

Mr Zoglul Haider from Bangladesh, Mr Tquabo Aimut Gebreselassie from Eritrea and Mr Kuol Atem Bol from South Sudan worked together with UIL staff to develop initiatives that will contribute to improved adult education policies and practices in their respective countries.

Outside of the regular fellowship programme, Mr Ambroise Tapsoba, Programme Manager at the Bureau of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Burkina Faso, received support from UIL to work on non-formal basic education policy for adolescents and young adults, with an emphasis on linking non-formal and formal approaches.

The programme was established to develop the capacities needed in Member States to implement the Belém Framework for Action, the series of action points agreed at the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education. UIL has awarded CONFINTEA fellowships for officials and experts from 15 different Member States since 2011.