Determining Key Features of Learning Cities

©Xploit. Peter Roslander, UIL Programme Specialist

Over the past year, the UIL Taskforce for the establishment of the International Platform for Learning Cities (IPLC) has strived to develop a set of Key Features of Learning Cities (Features) as a self-assessment tool and ‘to-do list’ for cities wishing to promote lifelong learning.

UIL was invited to attend the final Xploit conference on 11 and 12 April in Girona, Spain to present the IPLC Features and to receive feedback from participants. Xploit is sponsored by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the Education and Culture Director-General of the European Commission. It explores how European project and funding resources might be more efficiently applied in Member States and communities for community learning.

UIL Programme Specialist Peter Roslander presented the draft set of the features at the conference and received many useful comments. It was suggested that the features must be simple and should build on a basic set of existing data, which would be applicable in all development contexts. Furthermore, the features should measure change; i.e., Features should be process-oriented rather than result-oriented. Based on the suggestions at the conference, the UIL task force will further fine-tune the Features.