Education: From Youth Problems to Youth Solutions


The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning participated in the Policy Forum on Engaging Youth in Planning Education for Social Transformation which was co-organised by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning and various partners. It was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 16 to 18 October 2012.

A wide range of people, including Ministers, researchers, youth representatives and education development specialists, participated in the discussions around three main themes:

  1. Youth, education and peace building
  2. Youth civic engagement in non-formal education
  3. Youth transition from education to work in the Mediterranean region

The main insight the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning took away from the meeting was the reaffirmation of the vital role of non-formal education not only for young people in schools, but even more so for young men and women who did not have a chance to complete their basic education. The latter urgently need access to literacy and skills development to increase their chances for a viable future. Another point for follow-up in the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning’s next medium-term strategy is to engage youth in more instrumental ways in the quest to change youth problems to youth solutions.

If you are interested in UNESCO’s future activities concerning youth and education, you are invited to participate in the online platform which has been created for this purpose.

Initial results of the Agenda for Action