IICBA and UIL – An Effective Partnership

The International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) focusses on building and strengthening capacities of teacher education institutions in the region and contributes to the design and implementation of the Second Decade of Education for Africa in the areas of teacher education, distance education, curriculum development and educational management. As this encompasses the strengthening of teacher development for formal and non-formal education and needs to be approached holistically, IICBA and UIL share a common goal. Cooperation between the two institutes was intensified in July 2012, when the Director of IICBA, Mr Arnaldo Nhavoto, visited Director Arne Carlsen at UIL.

The recent International Workshop on Strategies for the Improvement of the Status of Literacy Teaching Personnel is testimony to the successful collaboration between the two UNESCO category I institutes.

In the context of their participation in the Workshop, UIL Deputy Director Carol Medel-Añonuevo and Programme Specialist Anna Bernhardt visited the IICBA offices. Both institutes pledged to work together in tackling global literacy challenges by building capacities of formal and non-formal teaching personnel.