Improvement of management capacities for adult literacy and education in Mozambique


The strengthening of institutional and organisational capacities will be crucial to achieve the literacy and adult education goals of the Strategic Plan of the Education Sector 2012–2016 in Mozambique. The UNESCO Capacity for EFA Programme Mozambique therefore includes a training component to equip staff members of the Directorate of Literacy and Adult Education (DINAEA) at central and provincial levels with improved management capacities. With the purpose of identifying the contents of two planned training workshops to enhance evidence-based planning, budgeting and implementation of adult literacy and education programmes, two working meetings were organised on 30 and 31 January 2014 in Maputo. The meetings were attended by DINAEA staff from both central and provincial levels to analyse training modules with the poetic name POEMA, which stands for planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in Portuguese. These modules were developed by the Ministry of Education to support the decentralisation process of public education services. A team composed of representatives from UNESCO Maputo, UIL and an expert in public administration provided technical assistance to participants of the meeting in selecting the topics which are most relevant for the sub-sector and which will be adapted for the upcoming two training workshops.