UIL Policy Brief no. 1

©DVV International, Mozambique 2012

To raise awareness of policy makers on key issues on lifelong learning, adult education and literacy, UIL has started developing a series of policy briefs.

The theme of the Policy brief no.1 is Quality matters: Improving the Status of Literacy Teaching Personnel, and is based on the discussions of experts and practitioners from more than ten countries during the “International Workshop on Strategies for the Improvement of the Status of Literacy Teaching Personnel” (held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in March 2013).

In this brief it is argued that to harness the potential of the world’s illiterates, policy-makers and practitioners need to focus their attention on improving the status of literacy facilitators, because teaching personnel are vital to ensure quality in education. Based on the experience from a various countries, it suggests possible elements for reflection and action.

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