New UNESCO report highlights the challenge of measuring literacy

Dec 02, 2013

There is still no common understanding of how to approach literacy as a lifelong learning process, particularly how to define and measure it. This is evident in the second Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE II), recently published by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.more

Global Report on Adult Learning and Education 2012

As the Belém Framework for Action includes the recommendation to publish an updated version of GRALE every three years, the 2012 issue is currently under preparation.more

National Progress Reports for GRALE 2012

UNESCO member states have been asked in autumn 2011 by way of a reporting template to produce national reports on the development of adult educationmore

National Reports 2009

National Reports 2009 Africa Arab States Asia and the Pacific Europe, North America and Israel Latin America and the Caribbeanmore

Global Report on Adult Learning and Education 2009

The first-ever Global Report on Adult Learning and Education is based on 154 National Reports submitted by UNESCO Member States on the state of adult learning and education.more

Regional CONFINTEA VI Synthesis Reports 2009

CONFINTEA VI was preceded by five Regional Preparatory Conferences, whose programmes were designed in relation to the overall thematic focus and adapted to the respective regional contexts.more