National Progress Reports for GRALE 2012


UNESCO member states have been asked in autumn 2011 by way of a reporting template to produce national reports on the development of adult education in order to provide the data for the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 2012). The National CONFINTEA VI Progress Reports are intended to provide a clear picture of the complex situation in adult education. In compiling their reports, countries were encouraged to take into account the wide range of actors and stakeholders within government (e.g. ministries of education, labour, health, agriculture, gender, culture, sports and leisure, social welfare, finance and foreign affairs). Importantly, they have also been requested to consider the roles played by non-governmental organisations, trade unions, social movements, faith-based organisations, social partners and bilateral and multilateral development agencies and other private actors. Countries have been asked to complete and send their reports to UIL by end of March 2012. All incoming reports are available here:

National Progress Reports 2012

Arab States
Asia and the Pacific
Europe, North America and Israel
Latin America and the Caribbean