New ALADIN Members in Kenya and New Zealand


1 January 2017

The ALADIN network welcomes two new members:

The website of NCLANA supports the professional development of educators and other professionals involved in the delivery of literacy and numeracy education for adults. It is intended as a Professional Learning Hub that extends and complements the work of NCLANA. It also provides a gateway to other literacy and numeracy related initiatives including research.

The Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) is a corporate body of the Kenyan government with a mandate to "promote, establish, equip, manage, maintain and develop libraries in Kenya". In its service provision, KNLS plays a dual role of Public library and National library of Kenya. The public library services are available in their 61 branches throughout Kenya, while the national library services are available at the headquarters in Nairobi. Through various reading campaigns, KNLS has provided opportunities for communities to enhance their reading and information seeking habits, and therefore sustain literacy. KNLS promotes reading by providing access to relevant reading materials to all communities. By playing a major role in stimulating public interest in books and in promoting reading for knowledge, information and enjoyment, the KNLS is indeed a "people's university." The KNLS provides resources in electronic and print format and reading spaces to its clients throughout the country.

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