Collection of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies

The Collection of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies lists abstracts and full-text links to laws, policies, strategies and action plans on lifelong learning from UNESCO Member States and international organizations.

This collection offers a comprehensive overview of the development of lifelong learning policies around the world. With a few exceptions, the documents are available in English and were created and published after the year 2000, thus reflecting the growing political interest in lifelong learning in the new millennium.

The International Directory of Lifelong Learning provides details of over 200 governmental departments, institutions and agencies responsible for formulating lifelong learning policies at national level. In addition, it provides details of leading research institutions and university faculties in UNESCO Member States engaged in the study of lifelong learning. The Directory facilitates international cooperation and information exchange on lifelong learning policy, research and practice. UIL promotes policy dialogues by organizing workshops and think tanks on lifelong learning at national, regional and international level that bring together key stakeholders from different sectors. These discussions highlight the impact of lifelong learning policies and showcase innovative practices in areas such as active citizenship, workforce development, health and wellbeing, and social integration. The policy dialogues also promote the development and implementation of lifelong learning policies.

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