Learning cities in Lithuania: Kaunas joins the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

10 June 2016

Kaunas aims to be a role model for other learning cities in Lithuania and to contribute to the creation of an information and knowledge society in the country. It is the first city in Lithuania to join the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). Kaunas has long-standing experience in promoting lifelong learning at the local level; indeed, back in 2001 the city adopted a resolution to build a learning city.

The ‘Kaunas Learning City’ strategy: Learning always and everywhere

Kaunas has developed a strategy entitled ‛Kaunas Learning City’. The strategy focuses on a series of activities aimed at encouraging people to learn continuously and in all places. One of its main concerns is to improve conditions for people with disabilities, citizens with special educational needs, and refugees. Other key objectives include transforming private and public organizations into learning organizations and creating networks to foster citizen participation.

One example of Kaunas’s innovative projects is called the ‛Kaunas Old Town Live’. City authorities have collaborated with businesses, cultural institutions and educational and other public organizations to create marked educational routes through Kaunas. These routes transform locations like museums, cafés and shops into learning environments. 

In joining the UNESCO GNLC, Kaunas will have the opportunity to learn from other members that are also in the process of building sustainable and smart learning cities. Kaunas also hopes that its wealth of experience will be of value to other learning cities in Lithuania and internationally.

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