Addressing Mexico’s literacy challenges from a lifelong learning perspective

24 February 2015

Around 100 specialists, researchers and senior professionals from the formal and non-formal basic education sector met at an international symposium on 11 February in Mexico City. The symposium, entitled “Lifelong Literacy”, was co-organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) and the Mexican National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) to discuss Mexican literacy challenges from a lifelong learning perspective. This was the first time that stakeholders from formal and non-formal education jointly sought solutions to the problem of millions of Mexican children, youth and adults without either foundational levels of literacy and numeracy skills or primary and secondary school leaving certificates. 

While renowned Mexican experts explained their views on how to address linguistic and ethnic diversity and ensure the continuity of learning processes for newly literates, presenters from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia shared good practices experiences from their countries. Representing UIL, Ulrike Hanemann spoke about how literacy is conceptualized and addressed at the international level, and analyzed the challenges faced by the current Mexican literacy campaign. She also recommended actions for making “lifelong literacy” a reality, including a sector-wide and integrated approach to public policies and related learning opportunities.

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