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The NFEDC Resource Centre presents many opportunities for adult and non-formal education in Laos, for example its library provides access to quality teaching and learning materials for educators working in the non-formal sector in Laos, there are training workshops and discussion workshops. Through promotion of lifelong learning the centre enables non-formal educators to acquire, share and expand the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their training aspirations and to contribute to their communities.

The Resource Centre's materials can be borrowed free of charge or used in the library, which is equipped with two cosily furnished workplaces. It has resources such as teaching and learning materials, handbooks and teachers’ guides, policy documents and background materials on the theory, history and practice of youth and adult education. Having a significant proportion of books, especially in the area of teaching and learning materials, available in the Lao language makes this library the No. 1 place for adult education in Laos.


The Resource Centre is part of the Non-Formal Education Development Centre (NFEDC), which works under the Department of Non-Formal Education of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. It is responsible for the preparation of curricula and the creation of teaching and learning materials in the non-formal sector.


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Methods of Data Management

Cataloging Rules: 

Bookshelves are labeled according to self-determined categories.

Classification System: 

A - Teaching Material
B - Learning Material
C - Country Reports
D - Handbooks
E - Teachers Guides
F - Policy Documents
G - Theory of Youth and Adult Education
H - History of Youth and Adult Education
I - Practice of Youth and Adult Education
J - (Scientific) Journals
K - Other
L - Books to give away for free
X - Digital Resource (X will be added in the front of category)

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Services and Special Activites

Information Services Provided: 
  • Library
  • Training workshops
  • Online sharing of information with trainers across Laos
  • Hosting discussion workshops

Other Material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work: 
  •  Promotion of the Resource Center, increasing the number of the users in the library
  •  Seting up an online platform to share digital resources
  •  Souring resources, particularly in the Lao language
Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services: 
  •  Staff capacity building trainings: library management, marketing, network
  •  Networking with other resource centres in Vientiane
Role envisaged within the Network of Networks: 

Being a focus point of gathering and sharing information on lifelong learning and adult education in Laos. Through the Facebook and its website, the Resource Centre is aiming to connect Lao trainers on adult and non-formal education across the country, enabling them to share experiences and learn from one another.

Contact Information

Tel.: +856 2059659452

Contact Person

Ms. Freyja Dixon

Head Person

Mr. Somsy Southivong

Type of parent organisation

Government Organisation

Area of specialization

Adult education
Educational research
Lifelong learning
Nonformal education

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