Gemeinsam in der Sprache baden: Family Literacy. Internationale Konzepte zur familienorientierten Schriftsprachförderung Eds.: Elfert, Maren; Rabkin, Gabriele Ernst Klett Sprachen, 2007 – 140 pp. – ISBN 3-12-555111-0 € 14,80

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‘Recognition of the outcomes of non-formal and informal learning is a prerequisite for building learning societies,’ says Arne Carlsen, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).

This UIL publication investigates factors that are critical for implementing the recognition, validation and accreditation (RVA) of non-formal and informal learning. It examines RVA’s strategic policy objectives and best practice features as well as the challenges faced and ways forward as reported by Member States. Most importantly, perhaps, this...

Madhu Singh
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lThis publication, based on a workshop held in the context of the CONFINTEA V Midterm Review Conference, addresses the issue of adult education for the estimated 300 million people in the world belonging to indigenous population groups. It includes an overall survey, reports and good practice models from many different countries, and a list of the final recommendations made by the workshop.

Report on the Workshop Held at the CONFINTEA V Midterm Review Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, September 2003 Compiled by Luis Enrique López and Ulrike Hanemann UIL, 2006 - 35 pp. ISBN 92-820-1149...

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Amartya Sen defined development as the creation of capabilities or capacities. One of the crucial capacities is basic education. With no access to writing, reading and numeracy, people are unable to fight against poverty and to build their lives in the current global environment. In this perspective, the right to education cannot be conceived only in a subsidiary or ancillary way. The realisation of the right to education is an essential pre-condition for human dignity and for development. But how does one measure this reality?

This book presents a methodology for observation and...

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