Encouraging adults to take part in learning activities has become a unanimous principle in international policy discourse. Upgrading skills, adapting to new technological challenges and rapidly changing labour markets, and contributing to overall development are the main elements in the rationale of policy makers when arguing in favor of lifelong learning.

In November 2007, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning brought together family literacy practitioners and researchers from all over the world to take stock of policies, practices and research in family literacy and to explore the relevance and potential of family literacy in adult education and lifelong learning.

This publication brings together the main presentations from the meeting on “Literacy and the Promotion of Citizenship: The Challenge of Learning“, which took place in Lyon, France from 2-5 April 2005 and was organized by UIE (now UIL) and its partners, the Agence Nationale de Lutte Contre L’Illettrisme (ANLCI) and the UNESCO French National Commission.