Running for ‘Lifelong learning for all’

16 August 2018

On 15 and 16 August 2018 one of the biggest local relay runs took place in Hamburg. Around 2,000 teams and 10,000 runners participated in this event and ran a relay under the motto ‘Achieving a goal together’. A UIL team also took part, running for ‘Lifelong learning for all’.

Promoting lifelong learning for all is at the heart of UIL’s mandate, with the Institute’s projects making impacts around the globe. Yet, this effectiveness would not be possible without the City of Hamburg, which has been providing UIL with a space in which to work towards its vision since its establishment in 1951. The triennial Global Report on Adult Learning and Education, for example, is produced by the Institute and provides insights into the state of the art of Adult Learning and Education worldwide. In addition, UIL houses the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities secretariat, which supports cities around the globe in developing and implementing local lifelong learning strategies. Advancing mobile literacy learning in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia and Mexico is another ongoing project whose global efforts are coordinated from Hamburg. These are just a few examples of the richness of UIL’s work. While the day-to-day work of the Institute involves communities all over the world, this relay run has been an occasion for UIL to engage and share the vision for ‘Lifelong learning for all’ with the local Hamburg public.

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