CONFINTEA VI Regional Follow-up Meeting in Africa

15 November 2012

A Regional Expert Meeting for the follow-up of the CONFINTEA VI in Africa was held from 5 to 8 November in Praia, Cape Verde, bringing together 50-some directors of adult education programmes, NGOs, and one youth representative. The Meeting was opened by the Minister of Education of Cape Verde, the honourable Ms Fernanda Maria de Brito Marques, and was jointly organised by the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde, the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Dakar (BREDA), and UIL, with the following concrete objectives:

  • To identify, share and learn from achievements and successful examples in adult education policy and practice, and
  • To develop an effective regional strategy to operationalize the Belém Framework for Action.

Three representatives from UIL travelled to Cape Verde to organise and participate in the Meeting: Deputy Director Ms Carolyn Medel-Añonuevo, Senior Programme Specialist Ms Bettina Bochynek, and Programme Specialist Ms Angela Owusu-Boampong.

Three key messages emerged from the meeting:

  1. Countries in the region must distinguish between mere declarations of political intention and actual will translated into action, reflected in funding and implementation mechanisms.
  2. While there is widespread agreement about the direction ahead, what are lacking are operational strategies and concrete policy recommendations.
  3. Two factors for success were identified: financial and material resources need to be mobilised and an intersectoral approach is essential.

A key output of the meeting was a matrix of action points for the region. All participants at the Meeting agreed on the importance of robust and concrete follow-up measures to track the implementation of this matrix at the national level.



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