Curriculum globALE: competency framework for adult educators

  • May 2021

SDG 4Educators are key to quality adult learning and education. Yet, a lack of professional adult educators still hinders progress towards the provision of lifelong learning opportunities in many countries around the world.

Curriculum globALE supports the professionalization of adult educators. By providing cross-curricular approaches, it is a unique reference framework for the training of adult educators which can easily be contextualized to national and regional environments.

By supporting adult educators around the world, Curriculum globALE improves not only the standard of adult learning and education programmes but also the capacities of countries to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is Curriculum globALE

Curriculum globALE aims to:

  • enhance professionalization of ALE by providing a common reference framework for adult learning programmes and a suggested standard of competencies for adult educators;
  • support adult learning and education providers in the design and implementation of ‘train-the-trainer’ programmes;
  • foster knowledge exchange and mutual understanding among adult educators worldwide.

The curriculum constitutes a workload of approximately 800 hours distributed over a range of thematic units and other types of learning formats. In terms of thematic units, Curriculum globALE comprises:

  • one introductory module,
  • five thematic core modules,
  • between one and three elective modules.

This updated version of Curriculum globALE was developed jointly by the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE), DVV International, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).

“I took part in the training course because at that time I was very reserved and did not trust myself to express my opinion. But it was really inspiring for me to witness other participants who were able to express their opinions clearly. This encouraged me to do the Curriculum globALE training because I realised that I would train many practical skills. Most important for me was that I could improve my coaching skills. I was also able to develop my analytical thinking and counselling skills as well as my creativity. I even managed to overcome my fears and be more courageous.”

Phouttalith Keooudone, Technical assistant, Non-formal Education Development Center, and participant of the Curriculum globALE training cycle, Lao PDR

“I currently work in a peripherally located centre for young people and adults. Some are mothers or fathers, others are community leaders. In my teaching I apply what I have learned in the Curriculum globALE (CG) training. I connect the learners' life journey, self-confidence and leadership roles to foster competencies that meet the demands of a globalised world. As graduates of the CG, we are aware of the need for continuous professional development and empowerment of educators. For this reason, we founded the Network of Trainers in Youth and Adult Education. We work towards improving teaching practice through regional and national congresses, professional dialogues or working groups.”

Jacueline Paula Morillo, President Network of Trainers in Youth and Adult Education, Peru

“When the Curriculum globALE training programme started, I had 15 years of professional experience in adult education. However, my professional development had mainly taken place in short training courses at various NGOs. Curriculum globALE has brought a systematic and complex approach. These characteristics make it a unique programme in the national training market. It can be used as a core programme for a variety of tailor-made training courses for adults at different levels - in higher education and in NGOs, as well as for the creation of new optional modules.”

Valentina Olaru, Director of the Theoretical Lyceum "Lucian Blaga" and trainer for DVV International, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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  • Author/Editor: UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning; Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association; German Institute for Adult Education. Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning; International Council for Adult Education
  • Curriculum globALE: competency framework for adult educators
  • UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, 2021
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