Foundations of Adult Education in Africa

  • July 2006

This book presents key concepts, information and principles that should underlie the practice of adult education in African contexts. It assumes that adult educators should have a historical perspective on the current educational context, understand how the colonial experience has impacted on indigenous traditions and be aware of the philosophical underpinnings of adult education activities. The chapters introduce the foundations and the history of adult education in Africa; philosophy and adult education; socio-cultural, political and economic environments; opportunities and access for adult learners; gender and development in adult education; adult education as a developing profession; information and communication technology; globalisation and adult education; policies and structures of lifelong learning.

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  • Author/Editor: Fredrick Nafukho; Maurice Amutabi; Ruth Otunga
  • Foundations of Adult Education in Africa
  • UIE; Pearson Education South Africa , 2006
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  • Available in: English