UIL takes part in Science City Hamburg


Werner Mauch presenting in the large conference room of UIL
2 July 2019

The University of Hamburg is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by launching the initiative ‘Science City Hamburg’, which aligns with the city’s goal of making Hamburg a leading science hub by 2040.

Within the Science City framework, the Centre for Continuing Studies of the University of Hamburg has put together a citywide lecture series for adult students, the aim of which is to ‘consciously visit institutions outside the university or in cooperation with it to show the breadth of the scientific and research activities in Hamburg’.

The Institute was invited to contribute to the series by giving a lecture at its Feldbrunnenstrasse headquarters on 26 June. Werner Mauch, Team Leader of Monitoring and Assessment of Lifelong Learning, presented on ‘International perspectives in adult learning and education, including the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE). GRALE’s inter-sectoral approach to analysing developments in adult learning and education has proven to be helpful, particularly in strengthening the impact of ALE in various fields and in identifying the challenges to implementation.

Students asked many questions, and were especially eager to learn about ways to measure learning achievements in adult literacy programmes in developing as well as in industrialized countries.