20 countries active in CONFINTEA follow-up in Latin America and the Caribbean


16 December 2011

The Regional CONFINTEA VI Follow-up meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean took place in Mexico in May 2011. Delegates at the meeting worked on finalising a draft matrix of follow-up actions in the Latin American and Caribbean context, developed by the Regional UNESCO Bureau in Santiago (OREALC), and based on a Global Matrix developed by UIL.  The finalised regional Matrix was sent to all countries in August, and by October, 20 countries had responded to this consultation on their views of the importance of the regional action lines and their preparedness to participate in different regional projects.

A synthesis report with the consultation results was sent to all Ministers of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean in November  by OREALC and UIL.

The outcome shows a commitment to all regional action lines proposed in the regional Matrix. However, those related to quality aroused greatest interest:

• developing criteria to improve the quality of curriculum and teaching materials;

• developing profiles and criteria for teacher training for youth and adults, including volunteers and popular educators, in cooperation with university education centres; and

• strengthening research capacity in adult learning and education, through the establishment of a network of specialised institutions.

On the basis of this, information projects at regional and or sub-regional level will be developed to support the implementation and monitoring of the commitments to the Belém Framework for Action. Already underway is the establishment of a Regional Observatory on Youth and Adult Education, which will play an important role in the regional CONFINTEA Follow-up in the region in the coming years.