CONFINTEA Advisory Group

1 January 2012

Following CONFINTEA VI, a multi-stakeholder CONFINTEA Advisory Group was set up in early 2010 to support UNESCO and UIL in the international coordination of the CONFINTEA process and in implementing and monitoring the Belém Framework for Action. The Advisory Group, whose original membership was based on the special commitment of Member States in the CONFINTEA process (e.g. conference bureau members, host countries of regional meetings) and on the institutional affiliation of stakeholders, will remain as an institutionalised lobby group until CONFINTEA VII. During this process, additional members will be invited to reinforce the Advisory Group and to render it more inclusive, balanced and dynamic.

Two strategy papers are guiding the CONFINTEA Advisory Group and UIL in the coordination of the CONFINTEA VI follow-up process: (1) the overall Follow-up Strategy, which outlines guiding principles, concrete proposals for national and regional action and a “rolling” roadmap for the CONFINTEA VI follow-up process; and (2) the Communication Strategy which proposes instruments and avenues for dissemination of all documents, information and news related to CONFINTEA as well as the design of special advocacy tools. Both documents are the result of the first meeting of the Advisory Group (in March 2010).

The Terms of Reference prepared for the CONFINTEA Advisory Group include the following specific responsibilities for its members:

  • maintain and reinforce the political momentum created by CONFINTEA VI in favour of adult literacy and adult education as critical elements within comprehensive lifelong learning policy frameworks;
  • help to shape and regularly update, on the basis of the Belém Framework for Action, a concrete CONFINTEA VI Follow-up Plan with recommendations to initiate, accelerate and monitor progress in relation to policy development, gender equality and better provision and participation in adult literacy and adult education;
  • advocate for increased resources for adult literacy and adult education; and
  • act, in support of the above, as an institutionalised advocacy group for adult literacy and adult education at the international level and vis-à-vis national stakeholders.

It is foreseen that the CONFINTEA Advisory Group’s involvement in the CONFINTEA VI follow-up will be both strategic and long-term. The Group will meet periodically in order to take stock and to review, adapt and fine-tune the strategic follow-up plan.

The first meeting of the Advisory Group took place at UIL in March 2010 (see: report; list of participants.) On the invitation of the Government of Mexico, Advisory Group came together for the second time immediately after the Latin American/Caribbean CONFINTEA VI Follow-up Conference in May 2011 (see: report; list of participants). The next meeting is foreseen in the context of the Asian CONFINTEA VI Follow-up Meeting in the Republic of Korea during 2013.