The CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme

1 January 2012

UIL’s CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme is a means to strengthen capacities within Member States to implement the commitments of the Belém Framework for Action by providing guidance on decisions for the promotion and revitalization of adult education within the perspective of lifelong learning.

Participants are government officials and senior specialists in adult education selected on the basis of their potential to produce a draft proposal for a policy and strategy framework which would lead to operationalizing the Belém Framework for Action in their respective countries.

Through support to policy analysis and policy formulation, participants will improve national advocacy for adult education and reinforce cooperation between adult education stakeholders.

Since the launch of the Programme in November 2011, six senior specialists from Ministries and national research institutes for adult education in Asia (China, Mongolia, Vietnam) and Africa (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana) have successfully attended the Programme held at the premises of UIL.

Within the follow-up strategy, participants are included in a virtual community network enabling information sharing,  regular consultation and more targeted support regarding progress and challenges of implementing the Belém Framework for Action at country-level.