CONFINTEA Scholarships 2013

2 April 2013

In 2013 UIL is pleased to be able to offer three CONFINTEA Scholarships for a period of one month to students and researchers from UNESCO Member States (particularly from the global South):

  • one Peter Jarvis / Taylor & Francis CONFINTEA Scholarship
  • two Nomura Center CONFINTEA Scholarships

All scholarships are funded by private donations.

CONFINTEA Scholars will benefit from UIL's knowledge base and resources for their research in the area of lifelong learning with a focus on adult and continuing education, literacy and non-formal basic education. The scholarships will take place at UIL either in August or September 2013. Candidates should be fluent in English, which is the working language at the Institute.

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is an international non-profit research, training, information, documentation and publishing centre. It promotes lifelong learning with a focus on adult and continuing education, literacy and non-formal basic education.

UIL will provide each scholar with a fully equipped and networked computer workplace and the use of the resources and support of its unique Documentation Centre and Library. With 60,000 books, documents, non-print media and periodicals in adult education, literacy, non-formal education and lifelong learning, it is one of the most comprehensive collections of its kind in the world. Started in 1952 by the UNESCO Institute for Education, UIL's predecessor organisation, the Documentation Centre comprises English language materials (some 60% of the collection), as well as publications in German, French, Spanish and a variety of other languages.

UIL maintains effective working relations with the University of Hamburg, which is within walking distance. Its supportive infrastructure, such as its library and dining facilities, are open to scholars, as (in principle) are other research institutes in UIL’s research environment such as the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), which is also within walking distance of the Institute.

Each of the three scholarships worth a fixed amount of US $2,500, provided by the donors as a contribution to costs related to the stay. UIL will arrange for suitable accommodation close to the Institute and health insurance and pay for these out of the scholarship money. The remaining amount will be forwarded to respective scholarship recipients, to pay for their air-ticket and all other costs before, during and after the research stay at UIL (such as visa costs, transportation, daily food, etc.).

Scholars will be working under the supervision of a UIL researcher, but should be prepared to work under their own initiative for a good deal of time. They will be expected to present the research they have undertaken at UIL for discussion at a concluding seminar and to report on follow-up activities and results of their research in the following months. The scholars will be offered membership in UIL`s Alumni Network.

In order to apply, please submit the following:

  • your research proposal
  • the intended outcome of research (e.g., policy paper, article, book, dissertation)
  • your current résumé or CV

Interested candidates are asked to submit their application by mail or e-mail to the Director of UIL by 15 May 2013:
Dr Arne Carlsen
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
– CONFINTEA Scholarships –
Feldbrunnenstr. 58
20148 Hamburg
For further information and for sending applications by e-mail, please contact Ms Lisa Krolak ()

CONFINTEA Scholarship recipients:

May 2013: Ms Sanjana Shrestha, Country Director, READ Nepal
November 2012: Mr Sanjeev Roy, Senior Consultant, National Literacy Mission Authority, Government of India
November 2012: Ms Bulelwa Keke, Doctoral Student, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
July 2012: Mr Wahidi Mohammedi Gul, Literacy Consultant, UNESCO Kabul, Afghanistan