CONFINTEA VI Belém Framework for Action and Community Learning Centres


14 September 2011

UIL staff gave a presentation on the CONFINTEA VI follow-up process at a regional conference on community learning centres (CLCs), held in Bangkok, Thailand, 31 August - 3 September. The Conference addressed a key recommendation of the Belém Framework for Action (BFA), to create 'multi-purpose community learning spaces and centres', as an important means of promoting greater participation in adult learning. It also discussed the role of the community in the governance of adult education policies and programmes. Delegates from 25 countries took part. Several countries outlined their plans for implementing the Belém Framework for Action, including the  organisation of a national forum.

Participants were encouraged to take an active part in the national reporting process for the 2012 edition of the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education, which will have a thematic focus on adult literacy. 

The Conference was co-organised by the Office of Non-formal and Information Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand and UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Asia and the Pacific Region.

the UIL presentation