CONFINTEA VI follow-up special edition of UIL’s journal International Review of Education

22 August 2011

Volume 57, Numbers 1-2, 2011 is a Special Edition, entitled CONFINTEA VI follow-up: The challenges of moving from rhetoric to action, and guest-edited by Carolyn Medel-Añonuevo, Carlos Alberto Torres and Richard Desjardins.

The edition includes articles that survey the adult education landscape in the wake of the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI), which took place in Brazil in 2009. In particular it examines the issues and challenges ahead if adult education is to be embedded in educational plans and strategies. Written by an impressive array of international scholars and activists, this edition of the International Review of Education is essential reading for all those who are serious about implementing adult education policy and practice.

Contents: CONFINTEA VI follow-up: The challenges of moving from rhetoric to action, C. Medel-Añonuevo, C.A. Torres and R. Desjardins;  Adult education as a human right: The Latin American context and the ecopedagogic perspective,M. Gadotti; Learning/work: Turning work and lifelong learning inside out, S. Walters and L. Cooper; Dancing on the deck of the Titanic? Adult education, the nation-state and new social movements, C.A. Torres; Sustaining advocacy and action on women’s participation and gender equality in adult education, C. Medel-Añonuevo and A. Bernhardt; Inclusion of indigenous peoples in CONFINTEA VI and follow-up processes, S.L. Morrison and T.M. Vaioleti;  Adult education and indigenous peoples in Latin America, S. Schmelkes; CONFINTEA VI follow-up and the role of university lifelong learning: Some issues for European higher education, B. Németh; CONFINTEA VI from a Canadian perspective, K. Rubenson and T. Nesbit; Formation des formateurs : Place dans une éducation de qualité des adultes, M.C. Diarra; Alphabétisation à travers l’Initiative LIFE et le suivi de CONFINTEA VI au Maghreb, M.A. Kissami; Defining and measuring literacy: Facing the reality, M. Ahmed; Measuring the continuum of literacy skills among adults: educational testing and the LAMP experience, C. Guadalupe and M. Cardoso; book reviews.