Fellowships and Scholarships at UNESCO in Hamburg

25 May 2012

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), located in Hamburg (Germany), is pleased to offer six CONFINTEA Fellowships and four CONFINTEA Scholarships for study at the Institute. All six Fellowships and four Scholarships will be available for a period of study of one month.

The overall aim of the CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme and the CONFINTEA Scholarship Programme is to reinforce Member State capacity in executing the Belém Framework for Action at the national  level. The Belém Framework for Action, adopted in 2009 by 144 countries at the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI), entails recommendations to improve policy, governance, financing, participation and quality in adult literacy and adult education in a perspective of lifelong learning.

Eligible applicants:

The CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme is tailored for key personnel from Member States to improve adult education at the national level by supporting the implementation of the CONFINTEA VI Follow-up. Participants should be government officials and/or senior specialists in adult education, from developing countries and should be proficient in English; knowledge of another official UN or UNESCO language would be an asset.  For more background information on CONFINTEA Fellowships, please see the 2011 announcement (link).

Candidates for the Fellowship Programme are asked to submit a written application to UIL through their National UNESCO Commission by 24 May 2012.

CONFINTEA Scholarships

Candidates for the Scholarship Programme are asked to submit their applications directly to the Director of UIL by 16 May 2012.