Annual report 2004: UNESCO Institute for Education

  • October 2005

In 2003, the Executive Board of UNESCO decided that the status and statutes of the UNESCO Institute for Education should be changed in order to make it a full-fledged international institute. Although the Host-country Agreement between UNESCO and the German Government – which is the decisive step towards the new international status of UIE – has not yet been concluded, the Institute has made in the past year great efforts to adapt to the new situation. A considerable attempt was made by UNESCO to integrate more organically UIE and other Education Institutes and Centres into the Education Sector. This was reflected in the UNESCO Strategic Review of its Post-Dakar Work on Education for All. Two central Task Forces on decentralization and on an overall strategy for the institutes contributed substantially to this integration. As a result, a closer interaction was created, a common vision and coherence were forged and better partnerships developed.



UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE): annual report, 2004 (PDF 595 KB)

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  • Annual report 2004: UNESCO Institute for Education
  • UIE - 2005
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