Annual Report 2017: UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

  • July 2018

In 2017, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning convened a range of activities and projects all of which serve towards achieving its vision to make lifelong learning a reality for all. This report provides a comprehensive summary of UIL’s work in 2017.

Among other highlights, 2017 featured two landmark meetings. One was the third International Conference on Learning Cities, which took place in Cork, Ireland and focused on moving from global goals to local actions. The other one was the Mid-Term Review of the International Conference on Adult Learning and Education, which took place in Suwon, Republic of Korea. This Conference reviewed global progress on adult learning and education since 2009 and set out the vision for 2030.

In addition, UIL strengthened its programmes and made further progress on continuing projects. The Global Network of Learning Cities continued to grow, reaching a total of 204 member cities in 2017, countries participating in a project on developing a ‘Lifelong learning agenda in Southeast Asian countries’ embarked on policy dialogues, and a project on assessing literacy learning outcomes in African countries agreed on a common competencies framework for 12 countries. UIL also produced a wide range of publications, including Guidelines for Family Literacy Programmes. These and other exciting activities on lifelong learning can be explored in this annual report.

Download: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0026/002651/265173E.pdf

  • Author/Editor: UIL
  • UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning - 2018
  • Available in: English, French