Batumi, Georgia

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A port of regional and international importance

A port of regional and international importance, serving as a hub for the processing, storage and distribution of goods in the southern and eastern areas of the Black Sea region, Batumi is also a resort, and tourism forms the backbone of the local economy.  

Vision and Strategy

We believe that healthy, competitive sustainable education demands that we share successful practices around the world and enhance collaboration by promoting peer learning. Our primary medium-term objectives are to facilitate further learning for and in workplaces, revitalize learning in families and communities, and target teachers as the main catalysts of the learning process. We hope to achieve these objectives through new cross-sectoral partnerships.  

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The city promotes sustainability, leisure, sports and health by investing in the creation, construction and maintenance of parks, squares and recreational zones that serve as non-traditional education spaces. With a grant from the German government, the city plans to implement energy efficiency measures to provide pre-schools with energy-saving and renewable energy technologies. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Improving access to education for people with special needs is the main objective of the municipality’s learning city strategy. Programmes focus on building adequate facilities to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities, promoting parasports, and supporting children on the autism spectrum. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • To strengthen the capacity of potential entrepreneurs, Batumi cooperates with professional associations, academia, public bodies, and non-governmental organizations. In 2021, over 50 training sessions and business consultations on entrepreneurial skills and related topics were conducted in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. To foster skills development, targeted programmes include the co- financing of internships abroad and scholarships. 

Good practices

'Your Idea for Batumi'

  • Residents can propose initiatives and upload their ideas to a digital platform. The programme’s priority areas are: urbanization and greening; equality and inclusion; entrepreneurship; and civic participation. After an initial technical screening phase, residents vote for their favourite project. The initiatives with the highest scores receive funding. 

Cross-sectoral partnerships

  • Cross-sectoral partnerships that ensure quality education for all have been successfully implemented in the city. In cooperation with its partners, Batumi offers a range of educational opportunities for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds.  

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