La Estrella, Colombia

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A green municipality

La Estrella is a green municipality in Colombia characterized by environmental, architectural, cultural and immaterial assets that facilitate sustainable development.  

Vision and Strategy

Through our lifelong learning strategy, we want to establish the conditions needed to ensure an accessible, permanent and high-quality education system. Additionally, we intend to implement high-impact social, academic, cultural and educational programmes to support the development of children, young people and adults. We also promote the use of innovative technologies for teaching and learning, and are planning awareness-raising strategies to foster a culture of acceptance and respect for difference. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • La Estrella has modernized its organizational structures by creating the Environment Secretariat, designed to guide the construction of an economic development model aimed at ensuring that the city remains competitive while also maintaining its environmental sustainability and preserving its natural resources. 

Equity and inclusion

  • To achieve greater inclusion and equity in La Estrella, initiatives have been designed and implemented to eradicate illiteracy, such as the ‘Everyone to read’ programme, targeting all illiterate citizens over 15 years old. Additionally, a digital literacy programme for adults has been established and a Secretariat for Women, Diversities and Family has been created to promote policies of gender equality and ensure the empowerment and participation of women and the LGTBI community. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • La Estrella has created the ‘Elevate’ programme, which fosters entrepreneurship through the promotion of training and knowledge-sharing. Its objective is to establish working networks between the public sector, the private sector and citizens for the promotion of economic and social development. 

Good practices

Love for La Estrella

  • The project aims to strengthen inhabitants’ identity and sense of belonging through various activities, such as intergenerational meetings, workshops and social skills groups for people with disabilities. 

SerBio (BeBio)

  • SerBio seeks to transform the city by making public spaces available to host cultural initiatives, urban art and green projects, drawing on the city’s ecological potential to improve urban coexistence, and to make transport and public spaces safer and more efficient.  

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