Hina, Cameroon

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

Hina: an ethnically and religiously diverse city

Located in the far northern region of Cameroon, Hina is home to a gender-balanced population that is both ethnically and religiously diverse, and has an agriculture-based economy. 

Vision and Strategy

In aspiring to become a learning city, we aim to reduce the city’s illiteracy rate, facilitate access to basic socio-economic and cultural services, and cultivate a sense of community and social resilience. In the short term, we will carry out priority actions, such as building schools and classrooms, recruiting teachers, connecting villages to electricity and solar power, and digging boreholes to provide water supplies. As part of the GNLC, we intend to focus on peer learning, benefiting from other members’ knowledge and experiences. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Under the slogan ‘health for all’, the municipality, in partnership with health centres, recruits volunteers to act as spokespersons between the population and health centres, disseminating information on education and diseases. As regards sustainability, each water point in the city is managed by a committee that ensures its upkeep and repair.

Equity and inclusion

  • The city’s communal development plan takes the needs of each social group into account. For instance, awareness-raising campaigns are organized to promote schooling for young girls, and ten literacy centres have been set up to support people with no schooling

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The labour market in Hina respects employees’ rights (8 hours of work/day, holidays, 3-month maternity leave, protective equipment, etc.). All employees recruited in the city are registered with the National Security Insurance Fund to guarantee them a pension on retirement.

Good practices

Adult Learning

  • Creation of ten literacy schools for adults.

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Mr Hamadou Mahmoud

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