Kwekwe, Zimbabwe

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

Kwekwe: a gold mining town

Kwekwe is a gold mining town with many artisanal miners. A number of traditional mining companies remain, such as Zimasco, ZISCO Steel, the Globe and Phoenix Mine, and Lancashire Steel, although many are facing closure. The community is characterized by a stark divide between rich and poor: a few political elites and oligarchs stand out in sharp contrast to the impoverished majority, many of whom are in debt and unemployed. Social support from the government is lacking, life expectancy is low, and corruption is rife. 

Vision and Strategy

We aim to expand basic education in order to build a stable foundation for lifelong learning that will, in turn, inspire people to participate actively in ensuring the universal right to quality education. Our objective is to create a healthy and sustainable working, learning and living environment for all, and to contribute to the health and sustainability of the wider community. This we will achieve through the promotion of good, cooperative governance. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Kwekwe is working to achieve good health and sustainability  through the promotion of good, cooperative governance, i.e. by actively promoting effective and participative systems of governance at all levels of society.

Equity and inclusion

  • The city’s motto states that equal opportunities are available for all, regardless of age, race or gender.

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • Kwekwe is integrating the concepts of decent work and entrepreneurship by creating learning projects (focusing e.g. on poultry farming) that encourage entrepreneurship and learning among community members. Training is also being provided to equip young men and women with manual and entrepreneurship skills.

Good practices

Vocational training institutes

  • The city has established three vocational training institutes, open to all men and women. Participants can develop their skills and eventually become entrepreneurs, creating employment opportunities for other community members. The Mhizha vocational training institute focuses on welding; the Musoni vocational training institute teaches dress-making skills; and the Muvezi vocational training institute specializes in carpentry.

Mobile libraries

  • The city has set up mobile libraries to make reading materials accessible. It aims to promote education and learning opportunities for all, especially for vulnerable groups who are not enrolled in formal schooling or training.

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