​Kyiv​, Ukraine

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Between USD 10,000 and USD 15,000
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

Cultural, educational and financial centre

As the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv is the cultural, educational and financial centre of the country. 

Vision and Strategy

Kyiv aims to build a sustainable education system for adults across the city, involving half of its population by 2024 in accordance with a complex strategic programme, the Kyiv education 2019–2023 strategy, which prioritizes sustainable development, human development and social inclusion. As a member of the UNESCO GNLC, it intends to focus on on-the-job training, lifelong learning planning, extensive application of modern learning technologies, non-formal and non-traditional learning, the creation of a widespread learning culture and inclusive training in the system of education. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Kyiv’s economic development plan takes into account all components of sustainability, including environmental concerns. When it comes to health, the virtual platform of emotional support monitoring centre to counter COVID_19 has been providing citizens with psychological help and online training, free of charge. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Kyiv pays special attention to socially disadvantaged groups, developing specific training programmes for them. There are inclusion programmes in schools, with children with disabilities integrated into mainstream classrooms. Throughout 2019 and 2021, educational trainings were conducted for more than 12,000 residents (including people with special needs, women, socially disadvantaged groups, etc.). 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • Since 2021, the city has offered over 100 e-courses on modern professions, prepared with the assistance of employers and specialized institutions of vocational education, targeting graduates and adults who want to change their profession. In this context, the Kyiv Educational Hub has become a partner of the National Project for Career Guidance and Career Building.  

Good practices


  • An online education project, Lingva.Skills has benefitted nearly 300,000 since 2021. The project benefits a wide range of participants and comprises over 1,000 education institutions. There are relevant memoranda on cooperation with the highest state bodies, such as the ministry of education and science, national civil service, state employment service and the Kyiv City State Administration. 

Educational Hub of Kyiv City

  • An online platform offering more than 100 education courses; the most popular being ‘emotional intellect’, ‘personal efficiency’, ‘positive communication’ and ‘project and team management. Education programmes aim to provide users with the necessary skills for professional and personal development, including soft skills.  

Career guidance project: 'Choose the profession of your dream'

  • Students from Kyiv as well as across Ukraine can take part in career guidance testing, career consultation; acquaintance with labour market trends through multimedia courses, online tours of the best Ukrainian enterprises and online courses in 100 top professions online and for free. 

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