Laško, Slovenia

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A medium-sized municipality

Laško is a medium-sized municipality with total are of 198 square kilometres and located in eastern Slovenia. The median age of its 13,123 inhabitants is 44. The labour force participation rate is 66 per cent, while the official unemployment rate is 12.8 per cent.    

Vision and Strategy

We recognize lifelong learning as an asset: a key tool for increasing our citizens’ employability of the population, and a means of creating a just society in which all citizens are afforded equal opportunities. We promote learning at all levels in order to improve quality of life and promote the development of the local community. Through increasing enrolment rates in all levels of education, and better-quality education programmes, we aim to improve our citizens’ lives. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Laško promotes young people’s critical awareness of sustainable development by including locally produced food on the menus of educational institutions, and by educating students about the importance of healthy and locally sourced food, waste management and recycling. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Laško ensures equal access to education at the primary level by establishing primary schools in all local communities. Laško Public Library hosts the University of the Third Age, which plays an important role in educating older people at the community level through inter-generational cooperations.  

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • In Laško, learning centres provide basic and vocational education. The employment office organizes lectures and training courses, as well as programmes to help the unemployed integrate into new jobs. Training for craftspeople is provided by the Chamber of Crafts, facilitating the development of related economic activities.  

Good practices

Hisa Generacij (House of Generations)

  • The project organizes activities for older people that focus on socializing, strengthening social networks, promoting and preserving memory, and learning new skills. 

University of the Third Age

  • The University of the Third Age operates in collaboration with Laško Public Library and caters to all generations through targeted activities. It is the city’s key institution with regard to lifelong learning and culture, and hosts numerous activities through local networks and cooperations. 

Children's Centre Lasko

  • The city has established a day care centre for primary school children. It offers a range of educational after-school activities, training and workshops for children, young people and students. 

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