Makokou, Gabon

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Makokou: a mosaic of ethnic groups

Capital of Gabon’s Ogooué-Ivindo province, Makokou is a mosaic of ethnic groups, each bringing their own identities and contributing to the city’s cultural wealth. Makokou depends economically on its forestry and mining. 

Vision and Strategy

By joining the UNESCO GNLC, the city aims to prioritize the rehabilitating of the existing schools structures. Emphasis will also be placed on teacher training, with fundraising for the construction of a multisectoral vocational school. Another goal is the development of a learning centre for the illiterate population. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The city is moving towards an ecological transition and has identified partners to support it in this regard. Makokou currently uses generators to produce water and electricity, causing health and environmental risk; a move towards more environmentally friendly methods is a primary goal of the city.
  • Another objective is the training of health personnel on the notions of care, especially for the poor. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Makokou’s learning city strategy emphasizes inclusive education and training, addressing school dropout, and support for vulnerable groups. Another aim is the promotion of citizenship education within families in order to ensure citizens’ integration into society. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The city promotes the concepts of decent work and entrepreneurship as opportunities for citizens to flourish and live with dignity. 

Good practices

Targeting pupils with learning difficulties

  • Makokou will identify learners at risk and re-enrol them in school or direct them towards a diploma course. For students with learning difficulties, the city will provide vocational training. It has also increased the number of classrooms in the city.  

Creation of a multimedia room with internet access

  • In order to improve access to learning, the city introduced in its operating budget the creation of a multimedia room with internet access, which is open to all. This has the advantage of bridging the digital divide. In addition, the municipality has intensified sessions with the population on school violence, a key element that creates dropout and exclusion from learning. 

Training of vulnerable populations

  • Training has been provided to young mothers to help them find decent employment; computers were given to them for this purpose. 

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