Netishyn, Ukraine

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Home to the Khmelnitskyi nuclear power plant

Home to the Khmelnitskyi nuclear power plant, Netishyn’s leading industry has traditionally been electricity. Recently, entrepreneurship, education, culture and leisure have emerged as key areas of economic importance, identified as means to tackle unemployment and provide social protection.

Vision and Strategy

Netishyn sees lifelong learning as an important tool for providing long-term economic stability, safety and social responsibility. By joining the UNESCO GNLC, the city aims to develop partnerships, share progress and innovations, implement development plans through UNESCO information channels, and help its residents embrace a culture of lifelong learning. Netishyn’s lifelong learning strategy is based on promoting a favourable investment climate, developing business-government partnerships, advancing smart governance, promoting culture and enhancing inclusive education.  

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Netishyn’s medium-term objectives include the promotion of environmental learning and raising awareness on energy saving and efficiency. The project ‘Love nature, sort garbage – think about your future now’ promotes waste management in the city. Another project seeks to create and consult communities on energy-efficient housing.  

Equity and inclusion

  • Development of inclusive education is one of Netishyn’s priorities. Ensuring that spaces in the city are equipped with facilities for disabled people, providing improved access to education for students with disabilities, and allowing citizens to choose modes of participation in events seek to remove barriers to community engagement for the disabled population.  

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • Through collaboration with Peace Corps volunteers, city residents were trained on creating public organizations, small business, and informed on micro-entrepreneurship. Moreover, administrative service centre workers were given professional development opportunities and provided with specialized office equipment to improve administrative services: Gender issues at work were also discussed.

Good practices

Love nature, sort garbage - think about your future now

  • This project promotes waste sorting and has had a positive impact on Netishyn’s secondary schools, which introduced eco-lessons and waste-sorting bins. The city’s schools also participated in waste collection campaigns whereby paper, plastic and batteries were sorted and the public were informed on how to dispose them safely.

Netishyn leadership seminars grant

  • The local development agency used grants to develop small businesses and the public sector. Events on how to start small businesses were held, community clubs were organized, and 100 city residents were trained on creating and developing NGOs.  

Partnering with U-LEAD

  • Netishyn became a partner of the U-LEAD with Europe programme funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) for the establishment and modernization of administrative service centres.

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