Niamtougou (Commune de Doufelgou 1), Togo

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Strong cultural diversity and an economy based on agriculture

Niamtougou is characterized by its strong cultural diversity, and no fewer than three ethnic groups claim to be native to the city. It hosts numerous cultural activities, which attract many visitors. It has a commercial airport and two facilities for the production, processing and export of agricultural products. Although the soil is of poor quality, agriculture is the local population’s main activity. A number of agro-pastoral farms breed poultry, sheep, pigs and goats.

Vision and Strategy

Together with the cities of Kara and Pya, Niamtougou has adopted a joint learning city strategy that guarantees social cohesion. The joint approach aims to empower citizens to improve local governance and create wealth in the agricultural sector through sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. The infrastructure of the three cities will be developed in order to guarantee quality, inclusion and accessibility to all citizens, whatever their background or social status. The three cities also aim to integrate the notion of sustainability into their actions within the GNLC. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The municipality of Niamtougou ensures the health of its inhabitants through sanitation projects, awareness-raising campaigns and free health services. Reforestation programmes, community work schemes and advisory services are just some of the many activities promoting sustainability and food self-sufficiency across the city.

Equity and inclusion

  • The concepts of equality and inclusion are a priority in the city. Activities such as awareness-raising, the construction and fitting of access ramps, and support for focal points contribute to women's leadership, equality and inclusion, and guarantee basic social services to all members of the city without distinction.

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The concepts of decent work and entrepreneurship are integrated into the city’s activities through collaborations with the relevant actors. For example, in the handicrafts sector, workshop apprenticeships are overseen by the municipality in order to monitor and improve the quality of provision and thus optimize self-employment opportunities.

Good practices

Youth groups

  • The municipal government has established youth groups in all neighbourhoods in order to discourage bad practices among peers.

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