Sakarya, Turkey

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000

Culturally varied and diverse

Located at the intersection of Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, Sakarya’s 16 districts are culturally varied, reflecting the diverse ethnicities of the people who live there.  

Vision and Strategy

Sakarya’s focus is on the vocational education of youth and adults. Through its learning city strategy, it hopes to provide learners with the knowledge and skills that are needed to address social challenges and contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the city. Additionally, it aims to support the physical and learning development of persons with disabilities.  

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Health and sustainability are integrated in Sakarya’s learning city strategy, which supports the personal and social development of vulnerable groups, increases the capacities of health services, and recognizes the importance of wildlife. Sakarya is also a bike-friendly city, with investments being made to promote this mode of transport. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Sakarya believes that all citizens should benefit equally from opportunities. The city has several education centres for children and 21 vocational education centres. Additionally, there is a support and coordination centre for the older population. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • Courses and programmes aimed at raising the skills needed in priority sectors are developed in the city. Sakarya also provides job and career counselling services to students, entrepreneurship and mentorship trainings, and beekeeping trainings to increase the professional knowledge of beekeepers and encourage new entrepreneurs in the sector.  

Good practices

Social development centres

  • Centres throughout the city provide services including for those with disabilities, family counselling units, assistance for older people, as well as courses and clubs to promote communication, self-expression and self-confidence. Opinion leaders, experts and academic guests are also invited to give lectures. 

Art and vocational training courses

  • Art and vocational training courses are open to everyone aged 14 and over, and are aimed at those learners who have never entered the formal education system or who have not completed their formal education. Through the courses, citizens discover new talents, increase their employability and can produce and earn income. 

Sakarya University Continuing Education Application and Research Centre (SAUSEM) ad the Sakarya Applied Sciences Institute Lifelong Education Centre (SAYEM)

  • These continuing education centres offer educational activities in social, cultural, scientific, economic and technological fields. The centres also enable universities to develop cooperation with the public and private sectors and international organizations. 

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