Sharjah , United Arab Emirates

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Sharjah: a culturally and economically vibrant city

The Cultural Capital of the Arab Region 1998 and the Islamic Culture Capital 2014, Sharjah is host to several archaeological sites, festivals and museums. Moreover, its investments in the arts, tourism, healthcare and infrastructure have diversified its oil-based economy. 

Vision and Strategy

Lifelong learning is important for Sharjah because it drives sustainable development, economic competitiveness and innovation. The city’s lifelong learning strategy is based on the provision of quality education, especially Early Childhood Care and Education that involves parents and students. Through improved educational efficiency, Sharjah seeks to better cater to the learning needs of its culturally diverse city; it hopes that joining the UNESCO GNLC and participating in its workshops, exchanges and research projects will support it in this endeavour. 

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The education and health sectors are collaborating to raise awareness on health and provide schools with the best health standards. Improving access to healthcare and promoting healthy living behaviours through monitoring and evaluation of health initiatives in schools ensure that educational institutions are healthy spaces to learn, work and play.

Equity and inclusion

  • Sharjah is ensuring that education reaches marginalized groups, especially in areas of the city where education is not prioritized. Policies which limit entry to tertiary education for disadvantaged students are being addressed and efforts are being made to end discrimination and cater to the educational needs of students with disabilities.

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • Partnerships between businesses, organizations and educational institutions support young entrepreneurs in areas such as skills development, advisory, licensing of businesses and training. 

Good practices

Zidini Alman-Learning Eager

  • This non-formal education programme for citizens over the age of 20 with low educational attainment aims to reduce illiteracy; raise cultural, health and social awareness; and teach learners on how to use social media.

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