Thrissur, India

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The cultural capital of Kerala

The cultural capital of Kerala, home to academic and research institutions, and well-known for its jewellery industry, especially gold, Thrissur is the headquarters of four leading private sector banks in India and an important number of chit funds

Vision and Strategy

In Thrissur, a standing committee is responsible for decision-making on finance, development, health, education, welfare, public works and urban planning. With its support, the city intends to integrate all sectoral and economic strategies into its master plan. As a member of the UNESCOI GNLC, Thrissur hopes to contribute to the intellectual and peer learning processes, focusing on equitable access to learning for all, digital learning ecosystems and skills for sustainability.  

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The Kerala Institute of Local Administration, a key partner of Thrissur, will support the incorporation of the SDGs into the city’s plans. Moreover, the city’s Kerala University of Health Sciences offers a wide range of opportunities to harness advanced knowledge of health sciences, which can be used to advise a municipal health strategy.  

Equity and inclusion

  • Through its standing committees (development, welfare and education), the city administration has been in dialogue with key stakeholders, such as educational and training institutions. Thrissur plans to develop a comprehensive strategy for an equitable and inclusive learning environment with greater attention to SDGs 4 and 11. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The presence of a MSME-Development Institute of India regional centre in Thrissur offers institutional support in promoting decent work and entrepreneurship through upskilling. The city has a strong network of entrepreneurs in business related to banking and jewellery.

Good practices

Initiatives focusing on vulnerable groups

  • Annual projects for continuous learning along with special projects for improving the learning infrastructure and providing disadvantaged groups with laptops, essential furniture and learning rooms. 

Thrissus Pooram Festival

  • Thrissur Pooram is annual event celebrating artistic, cultural, musical and folk-art traditions in the region. It attracts a large number of people not only from the city but also individuals from other regions and countries.  

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