Touboro, Cameroon

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    USD$ 1,250
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Learning City Touboro

Touboro is located in the North Region of Cameroon, approximately 606 km from the country’s capital, Yaoundé. By joining the Global Network of Learning Cities, Touboro wishes to implement the Learning City concept as a means of enabling a transfer of skills among its citizens.

Vision and motivation

Touboro is driven by the idea that a number of its citizens already possess the knowledge and skills needed for economic development. The city’s ambition is to enable a transfer of skills by creating a Learning City in which men and women are given the opportunity to share their experiences and learn together.

Challenges and goals

Effective knowledge and skills are crucial if Touboro’s population is to achieve economic growth and cultural prosperity. In particular, the city wishes to:

  • spread a culture of learning;
  • reinforce social cohesion; and
  • raise awareness of Cameroon’s laws and statutes.

Plan and implementation

In order to implement a Learning City concept that centres on its citizens’ knowledge, Touboro must first identify the people in possession of useful skills. Once identified, they will form a task force that will lead a pilot project.

The city’s strategy will consist of:

  • guiding the project’s development;
  • identifying potential reasons for successes and failures;
  • compiling a skills database;
  • defining support measures for effective action; and
  • publishing proposals for specific learning structures and reports on the management of these structures.

Once completed, this pilot project will be used as the basis for implementing a larger-scale transfer of skills.

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Mr Nana Koulagna
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