Yanbu Industrial City , Saudi Arabia

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

One of the largest industrial cities in Saudi Arabia

One of the largest industrial cities in Saudi Arabia, Yanbu Industrial City is home to the largest port on the Red Sea, the second largest industrial complex in the country, and the fourth largest crude oil refinery in the world. It produces 25 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s industrial domestic product.

Vision and Strategy

Yanbu Industrial City aims to enhance e-learning on the city’s digital platforms and support projects of innovation, science and technology for all members of the local community. Mental and physical activities are also encouraged. Long-term goals include helping governmental, private and non-profit organizations to become supportive centres for lifelong learning, and encouraging financial investments in lifelong learning by the business, government and private sectors. The city considers educational planning, monitoring and evaluation among its priorities, and is keen to learn and share experiences with other learning cities.

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • The ‘Patient experience’ programme aims to improve the level of care in local hospitals and medical centres. Health programmes have also been implemented in schools; these include weekly sports programmes and educating children about their health. The city uses appropriate environmental tree species, specially selected to absorb the large number of gases and impurities in the air.

Equity and inclusion

  • The city has established several community partnerships with bodies specialized in empowering community work for women and children. It has also supported initiatives to help students with learning needs, including improving access to various recreational and sports facilities and preparing sidewalks and walking lanes for those with disabilities. Nine non-profit organizations contribute to a range of continuing education and training programmes.

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The Industrial Development Center provides assistance in training entrepreneurs to build the right business foundations and obtain the necessary financing, contributing to strengthening the local workforce. Moreover, to ensure effective communication, a platform was launched to allow residents to communicate with the leaders of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.

Good practices

Your spirit is precious

  • A safety initiative that aims to spread awareness of the importance of traffic safety, educate the various segments of society, and contribute to reducing traffic accidents and the resulting damage to lives and property.

Clothes store initiative

  • This initiative provides help and assistance to vulnerable families in surrounding villages. It is a sustainable community initiative that enhances the value of giving and develops a culture of community responsibility. Medical convoys are also run for the purpose of treatment and health education.

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