Yeonje, Republic of Korea

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    USD$ 29,115
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Yeonje, an attractive and citizen-centric Learning City that opens up the future

Yeonje offers a combination of infrastructure, community networks and integration measures that bring work and life together, enhance its specialisms and promote its culture. Everyone can be part of a sustainable Learning City and build social capital.

Vision and motivation

Yeonje-gu’s vision of a lifelong learning city is a networked city in which everyone has the opportunity to learn. This would link individual growth through lifelong learning with changes at the local level, making the city a more liveable place for its citizens.

Challenges and goals

  • Planning and operating a lifelong learning city
  • Implementing measures to make Yeonje a  ‘city of readers'
  • Operating both municipal and small-scale libraries
  • Supporting education for parents, students and schools
  • Implementing education programmes focusing on adult literacy and ICTs

Plan and implementation

As a lifelong learning city, all city residents benefit from local resources and engage in various projects designed to stimulate growth by learning and preparing for the future.

We have formed a lifelong learning association to establish partnerships among municipal institutions and advocate for solidarity. We are also expanding learning programmes across a range of subject areas by supporting learning facilities, the underprivileged and school education. In addition, we are supporting more than 70 learning clubs to provide our citizens with spontaneous and collaborative learning opportunities, and addressing a shortage of learning venues by implementing PLACE, a project that mobilizes local spaces. Furthermore, we are operating a programme called 'Human Library'. Our aim is to identify competent learners and help them participate in society.

Specialist programmes include Armi Academy, which invites guest speakers involved in socially important issues; provides tutorials and admission lectures for parents and students; encourages environmental and cultural representatives to comment on matters of local interest; and fosters adult literacy. We are striving to create a learning city where learning and sharing – e.g. through a lifelong learning festival – will  continue forever.

The city of Yeonje-gu as a whole will be transformed into a universal learning space in which the flow of learning will help citizens design their own dreams and make them come true.

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